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  • Terms and Conditions


    This is an agreement which lists out our terms and conditions which controls your approach to Merobill account along with every services provided by Merobill. Terms and conditions contain very important contents regarding the rights of the consumer, our liabilities and your rights regarding the use of the service. So, we request you to read the terms and conditions to clear all of your obligation regarding Merobill and its operation. Only after accepting our terms and conditions, you will be able to create a Merobill account and it will be considered that you are in the favor of our terms and conditions. If you don’t agree our terms and condition you are not allowed to use any services provided by us.


    Some of the meaning of the terms used in this terms and conditions as well as in the introduction portion are mentioned below:

    Merobill” means the online payment platform providing services to the non- residential Nepali (NRN) to make payment in Nepal from overseas.
    Terms and Conditions” means all the terms and conditions that a consumer should sign or accept before using any services of Merobill or any other it’s electronic channels.
    Electronic channel” means the form of Merobill you are using. That might be the website ( or its application.
    Account” refers to Merobill account.
    Consumer” refers to the one who is using the any services offered by Merobill.
    Load” refers to send money from a bank account to a Merobill account.
    Merobill wallet” means the Merobill account where consumers have their money.
    Service” means the facilities provided by Merobill to its consumer.
    Purchase” means consumer to acquire goods or services by paying for it.
    Termination” means the removal or closure of the Merobill account.
    Third party sites” means sites other than Merobill which can appear while using the site of Merobill.
    Notice” means the information regarding changes which a user gets via email and SMS.


    All the information you provide during registering a Merobill account should be true and legally verified. We restrict users under the age 18 to use Merobill. If a user is found providing the wrong age, he/she can be suspended and may not be able to use Merobill permanently in some cases. In case of misleading us by providing fake information and violation of any terms and conditions, Merobill has the right to block cards (Master card, debit/credit card or any other) in necessary circumstances. Further, Merobill also has authority to block the amount of money in their Merobill wallet.

    Similarly, you shall be responsible for the protection of your password while using our services or any third party services through us. By accepting this terms and condition, you agree that you should not disclose your password with any third party. If you identify an unauthorized access over your account, you should immediately let us know about it.

    Every user should verify their account with identity including personal information in order to proceed with transactions.



    If you will to buy any products or services through Merobill, you can be asked to provide details of payment methods debit/ credit card, Master card, Visa card, PayPal and others. The details can include card number, expiry date, your billing address and also shipping address. By agreeing the terms and condition, you validate that:

    • You have a legal right to use credit/ debit card, Master card, Visa card or any other payment methods;
    • All the information that you have supplied to us is true, complete and legally verified;
    • Your payment will not be refundable once you paid for it;
    • Once you perform a transaction, you cannot cancel it.


    Mero bill does not assure you that there cannot be any problems and errors in our services in the future. We also strictly forbid any individual or a company to make any assurance on our behalf.
    Merobill and its licensors do not assure you that:

    • The service will work efficiently everywhere and every time.
    • Any problems, flaws and errors will be improved or amended.
    • The services does not contain any sorts of viruses and worms.
    • The results of using the Service will meet your requirements.