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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I have to pay an alternate measure of cash while I do a similar exchange through Merobill?

It is on the grounds that our transformation rate is the equivalent as indicated by the change rate of western association cash move.

What is MeroBill?

MeroBill is a Digital Payment Portal which allows you to make online payments to various merchants in Nepal from abroad. For example with MeroBill, you can top-up your loved ones mobile phone, pay landline bills, Internet, ADSL bills, buy airlines tickets and movie tickets from overseas in just one tap.

How can I register with Merobill?

a. You can register with MeroBill through our official website. b. For web registration please visit MeroBill portal and fill the registration form and complete the activation procedure as shown.

I registered on MeroBill through web but didn't received verification e-mail?

In that case, we suggest you check your spam/junk files of your e-mail account. Sometimes your mailing account might forward your mail to these folders. if the problem still exists you can inbox us on Viber/WhatsApp @ +977 9843345317.

How do I use MeroBill through my mobile?

Mobile application for MeroBill is available on Android's, IOS (i.e iPhones)

What payment methods do we accept ?

We accept all types of Master Card, Credit Card and VISA card, We also accept paypal.

How long will it take to get recharged?

Recharge will be done instantly after the payment has been made.

Is it safe to use Mero Bill ?

Yes, it is.

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