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Mero Bill

One click instant payment


“Mero Bill” is the Nepal’s first International Overseas online payment gateway. With high reliability and secure monetary system, you can pay the bills online from any corner of the world using your phone itself.

Mero Bill is a rising step towards an international payment solution in Nepal. Officially launched in 2076 B.S., it gives a wide range of access to our international services like hotel bookings, domestic flight tickets, utility payments, and more.

For those living in Nepal who have difficulty paying the bills by themselves, we have come-up with this solution-oriented approach by which their relevant well-wishers can pay the bills by just one click.

We assure to unravel your difficulties by making a global payment system across the world. We will make every click better your life with positive hopes and beautiful experiences.

How it works?

Using Mero Bill is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Sign up and create a new account
    (First, start off by creating a new account and you get access to all our services.)
  • Select our available services
    (Then, click all the services you want to use and proceed.)
  • Pay your bills
    (With one click pay all your bills from any part of the world using your Debit or Credit Cards.)